Since 2009, I have been using creative writing to lift my mood.

Sometimes I need prescription drugs to stop me getting depressed but very few things actually lift my mood like creative writing does. Writing is one of the most enjoyable things you can do by yourself.

March Hare Productions, yes that’s the website you are on, maybe on purpose or you may have strayed on to us while looking for something else, has many functions and many purposes. Stop me if it gets too complicated.

I’d be a liar if  said that “writing was the best thing in my life”, actually i’d probably be divorced and lose all contact with the kids if i made such an outrageous statement such as that, also you’d be thinking….no I don’t think I want to go inside your mind, it might be as dark and disturbed as mine.

What I will say is; I love creative writing, I love the whole process of having the initial idea, developing the idea and watching it grow and change and develop, sometimes my mind takes me off in unexpected and bizarre directions but that’s what makes creative writing so much fun. You may start out with the idea of starting at ‘A’ and working your way to ‘Z’ but sometimes it’s not a straight journey, sometimes you head into the fourth dimension, or colours, or through a jungle, into space, back in time, the only limit is the skin on the end of your fingers and whether you have to get to the supermarket to buy bananas before they close, bugger I have to get to the supermarket to buy bananas before they close.

Creative writing allows you to lose yourself in a multitude of fictional world and once you delve inside your head and try to follow the route you thought you were going to take it’s too late, you are no longer following the yellow brick road, you may follow a road of any number and texture of brick.

But creative writing is not just about the pen to paper, finger to keyboard, it can be the planning, the development, the execution that makes it special. Sometimes, when I’m stuck in a scene, I walk out and about, to clear my head. It can take five minutes, ten minutes, maybe longer but to clear my head and that is enough to have a eureka moment, similar to Archimedes but without getting wet (okay as it is the north east of England sometimes (mostly) you get wet) and definitely not having to get my clothes off (again …sometimes).

But the whole process can be really quite magical. It can have a dramatic effect on my mental health. It does not ‘cure’ the depression, I can still have bad days, but it gives me some amazing positive feelings.

I’d recommend creative writing to almost anyone…even you.